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What We Do

PFLAG SUPPORTS LGBT people, their families and friends through local PFLAG chapter help lines, support group meetings and locally and nationally produced resources.

PFLAG EDUCATES families and provides public education on sexual orientation, gender identity and LGBT issues.  PFLAG chapters educate their communities through a variety of local projects and nationally, PFLAG continues to provide fair and accurate information about LGBT people and their loved ones.

PFLAG also ADVOCATES for equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.  LGBT rights are not special rights.  PFLAG works to achieve equal civil rights for all people, including out LGBT loved ones.

As loving parents, friends and allies, we must secure equal rights for our LGBT loved ones.  We actively educate, lobby and advocate for social justice.  All chapters, the council, and Allied for Equality work for LGBT equal rights.

Allied for Equality is a joint project of Equality Illinois and the PFLAG Council of Northern Illinois.  The project’s mission is to secure EQUAL rights for all LGBT individuals.  to learn more visit:

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For Families and Friends

Your first reaction to learning that your loved one is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning can range from anger to sadness, fear to hurt, confusion to grief, and anywhere and everything in between.  These emotions and experiences are normal. PFLAG is here to help you.  Our members are parents, families and friends of …

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For LGBT People

LGBT persons are welcome to attend meetings.  some want to help friends and families better understand sexual orientation and gender identity, while others may want to advocate for LGBT rights.  We offer our support and unconditional love to people at any point in their journey.

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For Straight Allies

If you or someone you know is straight and wants to support LGBT communities, join in the fight for equality, or just learn more about these issues, you’ve come to the right place.  PFLAG needs your help.  You are welcome to come to a chapter meeting. this post contains articles and a sample syllabus for …

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