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Use the map below to find an Illinois chapter near you. Meeting dates, times and contact information are included for each chapter location.

Having trouble with the map?  View the complete listing of Illinois PFLAG chapters instead.

Typically at a meeting you can expect to hear introductions from other PFLAG members, hear a speaker about LGBT topics, then a break, then the members break up into support groups where members talk about their experiences of having an LGBT loved one or being LGBT. we strive to make these meetings as welcoming as possible.

Please note that you do not have to come to the PFLAG meeting in your area. You can go to any meeting you wish. We understand that if you do want to keep your appearance at a PFLAG meeting confidential, you are certainly welcome to go to another meeting where you feel you have the best chance of remaining anonymous.

If you attended a chapter meeting and came away with questions or concerns, or if you were not satisfied with your experience, please let us know.  Contact us at 630.415.0622 or email info@pflagillinois.org.  We’re here to help!