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this page is a work in progress.

this page is meant to give a listing of all the PFLAG tasks, activities, events, that we do to promote PFLAG’s mission of support, education, and advocacy. If you are interested in helping PFLAG accomplish these goals, please review the tasks and ideas below, see which one fits you, and then contact us at our helpline at 630-415-0622 or by email at info@pflagillinois.org. we would be happy to have your volunteer help.

here are some of the tasks we do. This is a work in progress so check back as updates and information are posted.


Chapter Meeting Logistics

  • Chapter meeting leader:
  • Chapter meeting preparation:
  • Support Group Facilitators:
  • Greeters: Organizer =
  • Meeting Set Up: Primary =
  • Chapter literature and materials (t-shirts, buttons, newsletters, PFLAG Pamphlets, sign-in sheets
  • Open Doors Newsletter chapter write up: Primary
  • “Save the Date” chapter announcement handouts: Primary =
  • Speaker Search: Primary =
  • Newcomer follow-up: Primary =
  • Tasks: pre-monthly meeting preparations, such as making sure resources are gathered, there are enough copies of printed material, and a speaker is secured. This committee is also responsible for running support meetings and post-meeting cleanup. Finally, this committee is responsible for following up with speakers and new members

Outreach Schools

  • Primary:
  • Assistants:
  • Responsibilities include: Contacting schools in designated areas. Educate counselors, social workers, admin about PFLAG and provide relevant literature. Develop a relationship and attempt to provide presentation. May need to contact GSA or volunteer department
o    PFLAG can do presentations at schools on how to help schools be more LGBT Friendly.
Issues such as bullying and homophobia/sexual prejudice can be discussed amongst staff members. 
o    Clarifying the need for positive same-sex curriculum. More and more kids at elementary,
 middle/jr. high,and high school are coming out as gay, lesbian and bisexual. More and more kids are 
struggling with their gender identity. More and more kids have non-traditional families and same-sex 
parents. In speaking with these kids, they often learn about themselves through school. We can 
help this effort by encouraging schools to develop LGBT friendly curriculum. 
o    More and more teachers are starting to sense whether or not a student is struggling because of
 sexual orientation or gender identity issues. We can provide ways to help teachers respond positively to 
kids struggling with LGBT identity. 
o    We can also set up a referral service to PFLAG by letting teachers, school social workers, 
counselors and administrations about how to best refer kids and their families to PFLAG. 
o    We can try talking to schools and their parent-teacher associations or parent advisory councils about making
referrals to PFLAG. 
·         Task is...: to contact schools and deliver PFLAG materials to them, and discuss ways to provide these
 in-services to school staff. 


  • Primary:
  • Assistants:
  • Responsibilities include: Spreading the word about PFLAG (in print, online, in person) and facilitating social activities between members.
o    We need to make sure that all media outlets have information about PFLAG chapters. 
That means newspapers, local magazines and internet sites need to get meeting notices.
 The following are possible outlets to advertise: 
§  community and major newspapers
§  College newspapers, bulletin boards, libraries, dormitories 
§  we have experimented with radio/tv ads in the past with limited success. 
We could use someone versed in this area to
help us develop a more effective strategy.
§  we should try to create opportunities for ourselves for interviews in newspapers or other print outlets
§  we need to cover the internet sites, especially gay friendly ones such 
as http://www.glbtevents.com, www.chicagopride.com
 www.gaychicagomagazine.com,outintheburbs.com, www.boystownchicago.com,
 http://www.chicagofreepress.com/, http://www.chicagodiversity.com/calendar.asp 
§  There are many colleges that might be able to post notices about PFLAG meetings. 
For example, the UIC library would be
willing to post PFLAG notices. Other locations in colleges might be willing to do the same. 

LGBT Organization/Social Service outreach

  • Primary:
  • Assistants:

–          Howard Brown Center presentation

–          Center on Halsted presentation

–          TPAN, Youth Outlook

–          Open House PFLAG invite event

  • This committee identifies programs and organizations that provide some type of social service to the community. If the org works with the LGBT population, make sure they have PFLAG material available. If not, educate about PFLAG, provide literature, and develop presentations.

Corporation, Business, Public Service, Law Firm outreach

  • Primary:
  • Assistants:
  • This committee focuses on organizations that may not have a specific focus on LGBT issues but could still benefit from PFLAG information. In addition, these organizations could help support PFLAG financially or through other resources.
  • possible tasks
    • set up speaking engagements with PFLAG, Parents of transgender group
    • contact Employee Assistance Program EAP referrals
    • Open House PFLAG invite event
    • obtain donations


This committee focuses on legislative efforts that are of interest to PFLAG. Working with Equality IL, this committee informs interested volunteers of advocacy opportunities and informs chapters of legislative developments.

  • Primary:
  • Gay marriage: contact Il state rep to get Gay marriage passed
  • LGBT immigration:
  • Don’t Ask Don’t tell: need someone
  • ENDA: need someone
  • schools – bullying, LGBT inclusive sex education: need someone
  • hate crimes: need someone
  • LGBT health care: need someone
  • letters to representatives:
  • protest rallies: need someone
  • community forums: need someone
  • tracking of representative views: Need someone

Library outreach project

·         Primary: need someone
·         The American Library Association and their LGBT roundtable are working on a “toolkit” 
to give to libraries that
helps them become more LGBT friendly. We are trying to provide ideas for this toolkit. 
This toolkit contains helpful LGBT
books, ways to help libraries promote LGBT books, and help librarians be LGBT friendly. The goal of this toolkit is
 to provide easily accessible material to promote positive outlooks for LGBT books and to help LGBT people and
 their family members feel
 comfortable reviewing and checking out LGBT books.
·         Help promote the library circulation of LGBT books. Apparently, a lot of good 
LGBT books sit on the shelf. We
should try to find ways to promote them. We can also recommend current and quality 
LGBT books for libraries and bookstores
to have on their shelves. 
·         Use libraries as public forums to talk about PFLAG. It is possible that perhaps libraries can be used to
spread the
 word about PFLAG by hosting public forms. Perhaps the Gerber/Hart library in Chicago might be a good place to start. 
·         Hold in-service workshops to make libraries comfortable for those seeking LGBT resources. Parents and
family members usually do one of two things to find resources when they discover that their child is LGBT. 
They go to the internet, or they go to the library or bookstore. Understandably, asking librarians or 
bookstore help might be a bit intimidating if you are seeking material you are not familiar with. 
Perhaps PFLAG can fill this need by holding sessions on how to help librarians and
bookstore staff communicate to patrons that they are receptive to helping parents and family 
members find material about LGBT topics. 
·         Amazon.com, apparently, if you type in the word “homosexual” in the search engine, 
you will get 8 out of 10 books that talk about how to change your child from LGBT back to straight.
 The American Library Association has noticed this, but they are unable to do anything about it because 
of their ties to free speech and literature. PFLAG could pick up this issue and talk to Amazon.com about
 balancing the type of books that are offered when “homosexual” is used as a search term. 
·         Primary contacts: Peter Hepburn, American Library Association


  • Primary: need someone
  • tasks: we need to diversify our PFLAG base. we need to reach out to more parents from different racial groups, we need to establish contacts with other groups and generate more referrals from racially diverse families
  • Asian:
  • Black/African-American:
  • Latino/Hispanic:
  • Middle Eastern:

foster care outreach to birth parents of LGBT children, and training of DCFS foster parents for LGBT sensitivity training.

outreach efforts

  • create presentation kit
  • community fairs
  • volunteer fairs, school volunteer offices, websites: idealist.org, community organization network, volunteermatch.org, college courses
  • city/county diversity office

Social Activities, Fundraising

  • Mother’s Day at Sidetracks
  • Father’s Day
  • Who Gives a Shot
  • Chicago LGBT Alumni Group
  • AIDS ride
  • community fairs
  • neighborhood festivals
  • create PFLAG Publicity Kit
  • collaborations with other LGBT groups
  • PFLAG Thanksgiving
  • PFLAG Holiday Cookie swap