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Welcome to the PFLAG Council of Northern Illinois!

The Council is a loose coalition of PFLAG chapters within the greater Chicago land area. It was formed in the late 1990’s as a vehicle for unifying PFLAG’s presence and voice in Northern Illinois. Many chapters working together can accomplish far more than chapters acting individually. The Council provides a point of contact for media persons, community organizations that wish to work jointly with PFLAG, corporations that need speakers especially during Pride Month, and individuals seeking PFLAG’s assistance in a variety of areas. One phone call to the Council Helpline provides access to all of the chapters and resources that are available.

The Council maintains a website, a helpline, a monthly newsletter, and a Facebook page. ( Be sure to “friend” us!) Member chapters participate in the Chicago Pride Parade as a single entity. Every year on Mother’s Day, PFLAG members are out in force in front of Sidetrack on Halsted, handing out “kisses from Mom” – chocolate kisses wrapped in love and acceptance.

In addition to the eleven chapters there are three subgroups: Entre Familia (PFLAG in Spanish), and two Parents of Transgender Individuals (PTI), one in Chicago and one in McHenry. Each chapter has its own individual characteristics: some are mainly parents, some are primarily LGBT, and others are a blend of both. However, all chapters share certain characteristics: all are confidential, warm, welcoming places where human dignity and worth are valued. All share in PFLAG’s three-fold mission of support, education, and advocacy.

Through the pooling of each chapter’s resources, talents, skills, energy, and wisdom, PFLAG’s voice in Northern Illinois is made strong and powerful. Become a part of PFLAG’s marvelous work. Find a chapter and get involved!

Toni Weaver

President – PFLAG Council of Northern Illinois